Saturday, 29 October 2011

ZIG Design Team Tutorial: ATC "Halloween"

Some days ago I went into an ATC interchange in the forum "Divas". This forum proposed two themes: "Halloween" and "Let your imagination fly" and you could choose one of them. I preferred do both themes and I had the idea to put the focus on the owl and the night instead of the typical pumpkin.

I think to make a set means the whole piece of work has to be similar, with the same idea and with things in common, so I decided to make the same background using watercolors, glimmer, gesso, etc. to try to do a clear night with "julie" clouds  (drawing them up to get the stencils) and dark buildings.

I painted the little owl with ZIG Art & Graphic Twin pen

Here it is my complete set

And a video to show the whole process

((I forgot to put the copyright for the music: TenPenny Joke, Títle: Evil Things))

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