Thursday, 27 October 2011

A sinister use for your ZIG Scroll & Brush pen

Halloween's just around the corner (yay!) so we thought we'd share a few spooky lettering ideas with you.  Today, we're Trick or Treating using the ZIG Scroll & Brush pen.

I used both ends of the ZIG Scroll & Brush pen to create these effects.

The "Trick" was done using the Brush end of the pen. Here are some tips to create this effect....
  • Apply the most pressure at the top of the letter and slowly ease up the pressure toward the end of the stroke.
  • The brush tip of the Scroll & Brush is reeeally flexible so don't be afraid to push down hard.
  • To create the drips of blood, simply push the tip down onto the paper, exactly how you would when doing your sweet little flowers.

The "Treat" was done with the Scroll end of the pen, for more about using this end and some helpful downloadable worksheets, take a look at our recent Scroll & Brush post.

Let me know how you get on with your spooky lettering!

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