Monday, 31 October 2011

Boo-tastic Gears!

As you've probably heard, we're launching a new and exciting range this week - Basically Bare!

In preparation for the launch, ZIG Design Team member Beckie has created this Halloween tutorial using a mixture of Kuretake and Basically Bare products....

These Basically Bare Gears set #2 are fab for making some hanging decorations.  I decided that I wanted to have some fun, so created this Halloween window hanger.

On the largest clear gear I removed the protective layer (a thin sheet of plastic that peels off easily) before I added drops of the Kurecolor Ink nos 407 Orange.  When this dried I dropped small amounts of two different Kurecolor Grey inks C.10 and 828.  I embellished with some pumpkins and a Boo!!

The spider webs were made using the white ZIG Painty pen on the black gears.  The spider is simply a black button which I dotted around with the ZIG Painty and then added some googly eyes and legs!

The three gears are then connected with some of the Kuretake fibres.
I am loving all the shapes that Basically Bare have to offer and how easily they can be changed into other things!

Basically Bare launches at the new Kuretake Shop this Wednesday, 2nd November!

How to draw ZIG Calligraphy pumpkins


Happy Halloween!

ZIG Calligraphy pens can be used for so much more than lettering and today I'm going to show you how you can draw some little Halloween pumpkins.


What you'll need:
ZIG Calligraphy pens : I used Pure Brown & Apricot

These pumpkins are really simple and the effect is achieved by blending the pens tip to tip, like so..... 

I blended the Pure Brown onto the Apricot but the pigment of ZIG Calligraphy pens is so strong that you could blend them the other way around and get the same effect.

To blend your pens, hold them vertically, and without applying any pressure, allow the ink to flow into the pen below.  The longer you hold the pens together, the longer the 2nd colour will last on the tip. You can watch a video clip of this technique here.

Once blended, your Calligraphy pen will create a line like so:

How to draw a Calligraphy pumpkins

Step 1
 With the darker blended edge facing outwards, holding the pen at a right angle, draw a crescent shape.

Step 2
Draw a second crescent shape, keeping the same angle

Step 3
Repeat step 2 but with slightly less of a curve


Step 4
The 4th line is curved in the opposite direction

Step 5
And finish off with one last inverted curve


Step 6
Add some detailing to your pumpkin using your ZIG Writer or Wink of Stellas!

You can get really creative by adding some vines, funny faces and leaves to your pumpkins....

or even some lettering....

The possibilities are endless, so give them a go!

To find out more about ZIG Calligraphy pens and what you can do with them take a look at our Calligraphy tips and techniques post

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Sunday, 30 October 2011

More crafty Halloween ideas....

We're back with some more spooky Halloween ideas from our Design Team!

  Click on the images to find out more about how these projects were created.

Alcohol Ink Halloween Card
Sarah Hurley

Laurence Colling

Kurecolor Alcohol Ink Card
Emma Williams

Erin Bassett
 Erin Bassett - Kuretake Zig Pens - Halloween Tag 1

Saturday, 29 October 2011

ZIG Design Team Tutorial: ATC "Halloween"

Some days ago I went into an ATC interchange in the forum "Divas". This forum proposed two themes: "Halloween" and "Let your imagination fly" and you could choose one of them. I preferred do both themes and I had the idea to put the focus on the owl and the night instead of the typical pumpkin.

I think to make a set means the whole piece of work has to be similar, with the same idea and with things in common, so I decided to make the same background using watercolors, glimmer, gesso, etc. to try to do a clear night with "julie" clouds  (drawing them up to get the stencils) and dark buildings.

I painted the little owl with ZIG Art & Graphic Twin pen

Here it is my complete set

And a video to show the whole process

((I forgot to put the copyright for the music: TenPenny Joke, Títle: Evil Things))

Thanks for stopping by.


Friday, 28 October 2011

Halloween ZIG Links

Boo Halloween Invites - My Circuit Escapade

Teen Wolf - Paper and Dice

Autumn or Halloween Lyn’s Paper Petunia

Boo Gemma Correll

No Carve Pumpkin Decorating - Hellogiggles

FBW Take 2 - Danni's Dreams Crafts

Little Monsters - Cooking with Circut

The Drawings of Speak Cryptic - Doodles Anonymous

Halloween Rally: No. 8 - Illustration Rally

More crafty Halloween ideas from the ZIG Design Team....

Click the images to link to our Design Team's blogs where you'll find out how to create these spooky projects....

Emma Williams

Carmen Snchez

Sarah Hurley


Irma Peredne

Hope you have a spookily awesome Halloween weekend, whatever you have planned!

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ZIG Announcement: Kuretake....Basically, Online!


We're launching the brand new Kuretake Shop online on the 2nd November!

(It won't work till Wednesday but make sure you save to your favourites!)

The new online Kuretake Shop will have all your favourite Kuretake ZIG products as well as some new items available exclusively to us and exclusively online!


We're so excited to announce that we will be stocking the Basically Bare range of Albums and Alterables in the Kuretake Shop!


Basically Bare and Kuretake is a match made in crafting heaven! There are unlimited ways to alter, decorate and distress these wonderfully Bare items.

Basically Embellies - Celestial Shapes

Mixed media album by Kim Dellow using Basically Bare album and Embellies

Basically Bare items will be available to purchase from the Kuretake Shop when it opens it's virtual doors next Wednesday! Until then, why not check out the Basically Bare website, blog or download the catalogue to take a sneak peak at the whole exciting range.

We've got some amazing introductory offers planned for you on our new range, so make sure you bookmark to be one of the very first visitors on Wednesday 2nd November!

Join our Kuretake Shop event page on Facebook to be kept up to date with all the pre-launch news!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

A sinister use for your ZIG Scroll & Brush pen

Halloween's just around the corner (yay!) so we thought we'd share a few spooky lettering ideas with you.  Today, we're Trick or Treating using the ZIG Scroll & Brush pen.

I used both ends of the ZIG Scroll & Brush pen to create these effects.

The "Trick" was done using the Brush end of the pen. Here are some tips to create this effect....
  • Apply the most pressure at the top of the letter and slowly ease up the pressure toward the end of the stroke.
  • The brush tip of the Scroll & Brush is reeeally flexible so don't be afraid to push down hard.
  • To create the drips of blood, simply push the tip down onto the paper, exactly how you would when doing your sweet little flowers.

The "Treat" was done with the Scroll end of the pen, for more about using this end and some helpful downloadable worksheets, take a look at our recent Scroll & Brush post.

Let me know how you get on with your spooky lettering!

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I've got my 'eye' on you.

 It's Jaine here with a creepy Halloween project designed to, quite frankly,  spook the pants off you.

 I've created a framed eyeball picture, using a cheap wooden frame and taking the backing off.  I discarded the acrylic front (I'll save that for another project) and gave the whole frame a good going over with my black Kurecolor alcohol ink.  I cut a piece of white card to fit inside the frame and coloured it orange, added some die cut silhouette trees which I stuck down using my Zig 2 Way Glue pen,  a rub on and some googly eyes. The plastic spider I made look more interesting by brushing over lightly with my gold Painty pen. I added some words with a dymo labeler.

The main part of the picture is the creepy eyeball and I'm going to show you here how I did it.

You'll need, Kurecolor markers in green and black, a red Clean Color brush pen or some other red pen but having said that, the brush on the Brush Pen gave me just the right amount of control to create the veins on the eyeball. You'll also need a white pen and of course a polystyrene ball.

With a sharp knife, cut the ball in half then with a soft pencil mark out the iris and pupil. I used a cutting template to get my circles so perfect.

Using a black Kurecolor marker, colour in the black pupil. A couple of coats gives a good dense colour.  Next colour the iris with the green.  I cheated slightly here as my Kurecolor marker wasn't a dark enough shade so I touched the ink bottle top to the broad tip of my marker pen, as if I was filling it up, and it transferred enough ink for me to colour in.  You only need to hold it on for seconds to get enough colour then when you're done just scribble onto some kitchen towel until you get back to the original colour again.

Put a thin black line around the bottom of the green layer and use the green pen to blend into the black line to soften it slightly.

Use your red pen to draw a line around the eyeball under the black line and create some veins running down.

Finish off with a little white dot on the black pupil to give a little glint in the eye.

Give the whole thing a spray with some spray varnish to give it a shine and glue it onto your picture frame.

I wish you all a happy Halloween and happy spooking.


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Crafty Halloween Ideas

Want to get creative this Halloween? We've got loads of spooky ideas from our Design Team for you...

Click on the images to link to the Design Team's blogs to find out how they created these projects.

Trick or Treat Tag
Kim Dellow

Yvonne van Bruggen

Susan Weckesser

Halloween Card
Beckie Dreyer

We'll be sharing more spooky projects and tutorials in the next few days - so pop back soon!

Halloween Chalkboard Tutorial
John Neal

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Crafting Around the World with Kuretake ZIG

Crafting in Canada, with Susan Weckesser!  

The ZIG Blog's being taken over by Canadian Crafter Susan Weckesser today! Susan brings so much energy and creativity to the ZIG Design Team, here's a bit more about her and her amazing work. Enjoy!

About me...

I'm the founder and owner of Susan K.Weckesser Inc (which was Susiebee Studios Inc)  I've been teaching, selling crafts and painting for twenty-six years! I attended the University of Alberta where I studied Fine Arts, Languages, and Education. After adoring my second teenage job working at Lewis Craft, I fell in love with every craft that I came across. At the age of sixteen, I found myself learning how to tole paint, knit, paper tole and many other numerous crafts and then making projects and teaching classes in the stores to patrons of all ages.

 I had always loved crafts but now I adored them. When I became a young mom I decided to make my love of crafting, painting, and by then scrapbooking into a business, everything from crafts shows to online editing for online e-zines. Now, I combined my love of painting and my love of scrapbooking with my company, Susan K. Weckesser Inc., releasing my first scrapbooking paper line – Live in Color.

'Harvest' ~ sketch created with ZIG Memory Writers and ZIG Clean Color Real Brush

Creativity at home...

I currently live in Medicine Hat, Alberta with my husband of twenty-one years, Marcus and our four wonderful children; Christopher, Kurt, Ashley, & Jessica and two feline friends. I love to live life to the fullest and create my dreams each and every day. My father encouraged this every day, especially by getting me to take flying lessons to get ‘closer to nature’ & to see the world in a different way.  I have even been known to sky dive just to say that ‘I did it!’

Prairies in Alberta
Family time

I am lucky to be living in a country and area where ART is so ALIVE! For being a smaller city there are some wonderful art galleries and crafting groups. After being so honored to teach at The Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival using some of Kuretake's wonderful products, I was so pleasantly surprised to find out that there were many local scrapbooking groups that met often!

To keep my Kuretake supplies in stock I  purchase them from wonderful store like Michael’s, and Scrapbooker’s Paradise  

My work...

I enjoy scrapbooking, card making, and paper crafts of any type, but because of my art background I do tend to lean toward mixed media at times. Or I even enjoy painting or doodling on my scrapbooking layouts or cards. That is why I have always enjoyed the ZIG Memory Writer. The colors really are wonderful, vibrant and long lasting for drawing, sketching, doodling, or enhancing any crafting or art project. However, since I was introduced to the ZIG Clean Color Real BrushI am in LOVE! I can achieve almost the same look as I can as when I am using my watercolours and the colour is so brilliant and easy to use!

Getting creative with ZIG Clean Color Real Brush

The Tag I taught at The Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival (ZIG Memory Writers & 2 way glue)

My favourite project that I did lately was a simple altered page using some awesome ZIG Memory Writers. What can I say…I love to doodle!

However, the gown that I made for the Summer CHA really was fun!!!

Susan with our MD, Mr Osaki at CHA Summer 2011

If I was going to give a single piece of advice to other artists, it would be simply to follow your DREAMS, work HARD, and NEVER GIVE UP!

Thanks Susan!

You can find out more about Susan and her work at the links below, and she'll be back next week with a tutorial!