Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Valentines Gift & Box by Alexandra Michiardi

New design team member Alexandra Michiardi has been busy creating a lovely Valentines inspired tutorial for you at home. Alex's aim was to create a colourful, cheap and Eco-friendly gift.

Alex started by creating this wonderful coloured gift box, which was made from a old metal & plastic sweet box.

1. Paint your chosen box using ZIG Posterman Markers you may need more than one layer.

2. Make decorations using wood chips also painted with the ZIG Posterman Markers. Alex chose to draw an arrow illustration with a ZIG Millennium pen (08).

For the second part of the project, Alex created a handmade broach from a flat stone and a silver badge back.

3. Once again using the ZIG Posterman Markers paint your desired design onto the stone.  

4. Stick the stone to the badge back to create your broach

5. Add some tissue paper and glitter inside your homemade gift box and place your gift inside.

If you want to add a little more to your home made gift you can add more wooden chips (with love messages) inside the box, as Alex has. 


To see more about this design please visit Alex's blog here.