Friday, 31 May 2013


Happy Friday everyone, I hope you've all had a good week. Seeing as we will be doing workshops in Preston this weekend 1st to the 2nd June at CardCraft Plus (01772 880852) I thought I would share these gorgeous cards that one of our Marketers, Danni has created for the workshops. 

Eight Steps to Creating Cards like this... 

1. Get a blank card, any size will do. 
2. On a separate piece of card, stamp out the shape flowers and/or leaves you want, preferably 2 to 3 different sizes so you can mount them on top of each other in order to achieve a 3D look. You don't have to use stamps, you can draw them if you like, its completely up to you. 

3. Once the stamp prints were dry Danni used our ZIG® Art and Graphic Twins to colour in the stamps and then using a ZIG® H2O Brush went over the colours to blend them. 
4.  I personally think this is the best bit... adding GLITTER! Obviously you don't have to but it looks so pretty, so why not. Danni used our Wink of Stella glitter Brush. Which if you have used the pen version you will probably dying to use the brush version.
5. Then after the above, carefully cut out your shapes using a cutting knife or scissors. 

6. Once everything is cut out, your ready to make them POP! To do this slightly bend the petals and leaves. 
7. Next Danni used the ZIG® 2 way glue and applied it to the base of each flower and mounted them on top of each other. 
8. You can then either apply direct to your blank card or fill the space with a pattern. As you can see Danni did two, one blank and one with polka dots to show you how it looks. 

Thank you for taking a look at some of our in house work. If you would like to view any of the above products, click on the above links or view them here.

Have a great weekend and look at for further posts from us this weekend. Becki x 

P.S. If you would like to take part in the workshops this weekend in Preston then call CardCraft Plus on 01772 880852. The workshops will be ran from 10:00 on Saturday and 10:30 on the Sunday, prices start from £15.00. 

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Introducing Arlen Dean.... 

Okay, okay so I had to share this with you, if you know what calligraphy is and like it, you will find this funny. 

Our market researcher actually stumbled across this artists work and he was happy for us to blog what he does. His name is Arlen Dean and you can check out his work here

In the mean time though, let me introduce to you Calligra Pig...

See, I knew you'd love it, we think its great. Thank you Arlen for making us laugh. 
We hope you love his work as much as we do. 
If you too would like to draw Calligra Pig then take a look at our Calligraphy pens here.
Speak soon, Becki x  

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A mobile view... 

Hi to our lovely readers, I hope you're all well and had a great bank holiday. 

You've got to check the following out, it really is just adorable... Designed and created by one of our Canadian Design Team Members, Kirsten Stackhouse it really is a fantastic piece... 

Description by Kirsten: 

Today I made a simple mobile, to be hung in a children's bedroom or window perhaps. This is a variation of a project I loved doing when I was in 

 primary school. All you need is some coloured paper, some white paper, Kurecolor Twinmarkers, ZIG Writer pens, Kurecolor Fine & Brush markers, a pencil, scissors, some string, and earring fastenings (sold at any craft store). 

Step 1) I penciled and cut out several star shapes and an oval on coloured paper, then cut out slightly smaller shapes using white paper to glue within the larger coloured ones. After the glue dried, I took Kurecolor Twinmarkers in light colours and had fun making quick whispy strokes across the white paper. 



Step 2) I then used a ZIG Writer pen to draw a picture in the main oval - to be the focal point of the mobile. A space ranger, in this case. I coloured her with a light Kurecolor Fine and Brush marker. 


Step 3) After you have however many pieces you want to include in your mobile cut out - CAREFULLY poke holes in the top and bottom of the stars, and attach an earring fastening to the top of it. Add additional stars using jump rings.


Then simply hang the pieces from a string, and you can put it anywhere!

If you too would like to have a go at making something similar to this you can buy the products from our Kuretake Shop Site.  

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your week, all the best, Becki x

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Frame it this way... 
Jamie Pope from America has kindly done this very cute picture frame based on our Planets and Constellation theme.

To start, paint the entire frame using a ZIG® Woodcraft marker in Bluebell.  Once the paint is dry, use a star stencil and ZIG® Emboss Writer to make the star shapes.  Then quickly cover the stars with white embossing powder and then heat embossed the stars.

Next up, add a couple of felt clouds and a chipboard moon.  The moon was painted with a White ZIG® Painty FX marker.  Then, when the paint is dry, covered the moon with a layer of glue using ZIG® 2 Way Glue and then cover it with clear glitter. You'll never see any project of Jamie's without a spot of shimmer.

Next up, simply add a sentiment sticker and outline it with a White ZIG® Chalk Writer.

Thank you Jamie for once again another fantastic project. 

If you too would like to have a go at something like then, then check out our shop site for all the products you will need. 

Thanks for reading, speak soon, Becki x

Monday, 20 May 2013

Layer up... 

American Design Team member, Kirsten Stackhouse has sent me this  work of art which is in keeping with our may theme, planets and constellations. Here is what Kirsten did.... 

Here is my process for making a basic traditional sketch-to-finish character drawing. I use basic recycled paper, a pencil, ZIG®Writer pens, ZIG® Art & Graphic Twin markers, ZIG® Kurecolor Fine and Brush markers, ZIG® Kurecolor Twin markers - and a touch of Photoshop (optional). 

Step 1) The sketch. You can be as messy or as clean as you would like. It can be of anything. Here I decided to draw a girl walking through a star field with a lantern.

Step 2) Once I like my sketch, begin to outline the sketch with ZIG® Writer pens. It's an easy process of just outlining what is already there. The ZIG® Writer pens are the best for this job, as they're waterproof, fade proof, and do not smudge when you colour your picture later.


Step 3) I think of layers when I'm colouring a drawing. The skin layer will go under the hair layer, then the clothes, then the accessories and so forth. So I will colour all the skin pieces before I move on to the hair, then the rest. I use the ZIG® Kurecolor Fine & Brush markers to colour in the skin completely, I allow it a few minutes to dry, and then I use the same colour to go over the areas of skin that should be shaded to build a darker colour there. It's also fun to experiment with other colours (try a muted purple or blue) to shade skin. 

Step 4) Hair. I use quick, fast swipes of the ZIG®Art & Graphic Twin markers to build the hair. I like to concentrate on the shape of chunks of hair, rather than individual strands. Think of how you want the hair to flow when you're colouring it. 

Step 5) I follow the same technique for the clothes as I do with the skin: use the ZIG® Kurecolor Fine & Brush and ZIG® Kurecolor Twin markers to colour, I allow it a few minutes to dry, and then use the same colour to go over the areas that should be shaded. It works like a charm.

And there is your finished character drawing! IF you want to put in online as I do, however, I have an additional tip for those with access to Photoshop!

Optional Step 6) Scan your picture and open it in Photoshop (or another image editing program) and go to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation (or Levels) and just play around with the options there! It's fun to tweak colours and brighten the background to add a little flare!

Thank you Kirsten, I love what you've done :)

Thanks for reading everyone. If you too would like to recreate this using out fantastic ZIG® products then please take a look at our shop site here.

Speak soon, Becki x

Friday, 17 May 2013

Everyone meet Sonia Leong... 

Okay, okay, now I know it's not Halloween but check out this amazing artwork by Sonia Leong

Sonia used Kuretake ZIG® Mangaka flexible fine and ZIG® brushables. I really do love this piece of artwork, the colours are fantastic, so bright and really interesting.  

Thank you Sonia. 

If you would like to buy either of the above items then please take a look at our shop site here.
Have a great weekend. 

Becki x

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Seriously cool idea...

Belgium Design Team Member Laurence Colling has come up with this very creative note pad. Have a read to see how Laurence has created it...

Material: ZIG® H2O brush, ZIG® Kurecolor Ink Cobalt blue, watercolor crayons or ZIG® Art& Graphic Twins, watercolor paper, eyelets, embellishments (stamp by Hero Arts "Please Notes", stencil Hero Arts, flowers, buttons, …)

Stencils are usually used with spray ink or with a sponge and acrylic paint. Today I'd like to show you that you can also use them differently for a different result.

1) Place your stencil on your card or the cover of your notebook.
Using your ZIG® H2O brush, you can grab the color directly from your watercolor crayons or from the ZIG® Art & Graphic Twins and paint your background with the help of your stencil. The ZIG® H2O brush makes it easy to control the water flow so you have different shades of blue: the more water the lighter the color.

2) When dry you can add embellishments (flowers, paper doilies, buttons, stamped images…). I wanted to have eyelets that match the color of my project. I dropped some ZIG® Kurecolor Ink on my craft sheet and used tweezers to dip them directly in the ink.

Tweezers are recommended for small items if you want to  avoid ink on your fingers.

Eyelets before and after coloring them with alcohol ink.

3) Punch holes in the middle of your paper and add the eyelets. Fold your paper and add pages inside for a notebook.

Wow and wow, we love it, thank you Laurence. I think its safe to say that a lot of you will be having a go at this, I know I will be :)

If you would like to take a further look at our Kurecolor range or Art and Graphic Twins then take a look at our shop site here.
See you all soon :)