Wednesday, 31 July 2013

ZIG Brushables
Perfect for stamping and brush writing

If you love stamping or actually just love writing but in different styles, these are the pens for you. 

Prices starting from £2.29 and available in 24 colours and can be bought in 4 piece sets at £9.17 each. 

Made with an acid free water based pigment ink, it is safe to use on photos, scrapbooking and stamping. 

With your stamp, pick the colours you want and apply to the stamp. Print on to your preferred card and hey presto, one printed image! 

The pens are duel tipped with one end slightly lighten than the other which enables you create shaded brush writing like the above image or can be used for colouring in images. 

If you would like to purchase these fantastic pens, then please visit our shop site here. UK delivery only 99p - BARGAIN! 

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Introducing the Wink of Stella GLITTER Brush... 

We all love glitter right? But hate the mess? Well say hello to our new Wink of Stella Glitter Brush. This is the next generation from our popular Wink of Stella Glitter Pen.

These brushes have recently been launched on the TV shopping program 'Create and Craft' and they went down a storm even the presenter couldn't get enough of them!

Here are a few images of what can be done with them...


Retailing at £5.95 is well worth the money especially when you get no mess! They come in 13 colours and because they are part of our Memory System Range they can be blended with any other of our products in this range.


Has no smell, completely odourless, xylene free! 

Produced using a water based acid free pigment, it gives peace of mind knowing that what you produce is waterproof and photo-safe. 

The colours that are available are:

Clear                 Gold                Blue                      Orange        Light Pink 

Black                 Brown              Green                    Yellow
Silver                 Violet              Light Green            Pink 

These fantastic brushes can be bought from our online shop site here.

Lets go and get creative with glitter! 

Monday, 29 July 2013


Hello everyone, it's that time of the week, yes it's a Monday - no one likes Mondays BUT we have cake, so all is okay. 

This week I have both semi finals to show you because I was off last Monday but that did mean I didn't get to sample any lovely cakes :(

PART 1...

Group one was Louise, Sharon and Danni and it was decided that they must bake biscuits (I really wish I hadn't been off) 

 Louise baked Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cookies. 

 Sharon made White Chocolate and Custard Biscuits.

 Danni baked half white and half milk chocolate chip cookies. 

Three cakes one decision but who was the winner?! 

Imaginary drum roll please.... 

And the winner is....

LOUISE - Congratulations.  

PART 2...

Group 2 involved Helen, Liz and Charlotte and they were told they must create a tray bake. I'm so happy I was here for this because a) I love cake (as we have gathered) and b) who doesn't love a tray bake? 

 Helen baked a Bakewell Tart. I can verify it was as good as Mr Kipling :) 

 Liz baked chocolate chip flapjack's. 

Charlotte baked Millionaire's Shortbread. 

I've got to say that this was by far the hardest decision to make; they all tasted so good. So who was the winner? 

Another imaginary drum roll please.... 

The winner is.... 

HELEN - massive congratulations. 

Well done to both and we are already waiting for the final next week to see what lovely creations you have made. 

The brief is:
1. a double layer cake
2.  it must be decorated
3. Cake can be decorated and be whatever flavour the contestant pleases!

Good luck to both for next week :) 

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sundays are great for relaxing but why not try making a card like this. The lovely Beckie Dreyer has created this Red, White and Blue Heart Card. Beckie has provided the following write up for it... 

Did you know that the Kuretake ZIG Art & Graphic pensare can be added directly to your stamps!?

Oh yes! And what fun you can have with this!  I choose to create a mottled effect by simple using two of the pens.

On my chosen stamp I randomly coloured over the image with the pen before pressing it down on to the white card. 

A little tip for you … if you feel the ink has become dry, before you stamp it on to the card you’ll need to ‘huff’ or breathe on the image!  It makes the ink wet again!!

You can also use the pens to just cover sections of a stamp instead of the whole thing.


Thank you again for sending us this lovely creation. 

If you too would like to create something like this then please take a look at our online shop here. 

Speak to you all soon, Becki x

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Hi all, 

Hope you're enjoying this sunshine :) I have a lovely summer camper card for you which has been created by Beckie Dreyer

Please see the following write up by Beckie herself... 

I love the Kuretake ZIG Art & Graphic pens and all the wonderful effects that can be created when using these pens. 
My favourite effect though has to be the watercolour and what’s more it is so easy to achieve this effect!

First stamp your image on to white card and heat emboss.  This helps act as a barrier when water colouring.

Next take a ZIG Art & Graphic pen and using the brush tip ‘scribble’ on a non porous surface.  As I always seem to have an acrylic block on my desk I tend to use this.

Using a Kuretake ZIG water brush, pick up the ink and then apply to your image.  Remembering the more watery it is the paler the colour.

When finished leave to dry and make into a card!

Have a happy summer!

Thank you Beckie, we love this card, its so summery :) 

If you would like to purchase our Art and Graphic Twin Water Colour Pens and the H2O brush then take a look at our shop site here

                                Have a great weekend everyone. 

Friday, 19 July 2013

Royally Tagged... 

Hello you lovely lot, how is everyone doing? Enjoying the sunshine? 

Here we have a tag created by Canadian Design Team Member Susan Weckesser. 

Using Kuretake ZIG Watercolours (Art and Graphic Twin Water Colour Pens) and a Kuretake ZIG Waterbrush paint a British Union Jack onto the card. 

I just free-hand painted this onto the tag but if you wish you can use a ruler and measure it on first.


Since I used ZIG Watercolours it just takes a moments to dry and the are very easy to play with if you want your tag darker or lighter.


Run your tag through a sewing machine and have fun making some whimsical outlines!


Take  a Kuretake ZIG Memory Writer and lightly color on top of a  Susan K. Weckesser Inc./ Unity Stamp Co. stamp. Then take it and stamp onto the bottom right corner of the tag. Repeat and stamp again.

Tie a piece of ribbon through the hole and enjoy your tag/bookmark!

If you would like to check out the rest of ZIG Products then take a look here. 

Have a great weekend all and speak to you soon! 

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Hello you lovely lot, its rather warm here in the UK, ice lollies, fans and ice cubes i'm sure have all sold out. Its time to stay cool and Laurence Colling has come up with this great idea for the bases of wine glasses. 

This could be used for any event and is a great way of displaying your guests names. 

1. I used a foam sheet to die cut a scallop shape and a circle inside.

2. ZIG Kurecolor Alcohol based duel tipped pens are perfect to write on foam and I added the name of my guests on each shape.

3. As shown in the picture, I cut my shape with scissors in order to place it around each glass.

4. As foam is flexible, it will return to its initial shape. 

This is a great idea for weddings, parties and any other type of function. 

Have you tried our ZIG Kurecolor Alcohol Markers? What do you think of them? You can buy them from our online shop here

Speak soon, Becki x 

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Painting on Glass 

Hello everyone, hope your all well. 

I bring you this project done by Spanish Design Team Member Cecilia Sanchez. Cecilia has drawn on this jar using our popular ZIG Painty Markers

1 - I painted the jam jar lid drawing the flag of England.

2 - Painting it all carefully with the ZIG Painty FX

3 - I have a set of stamps of crowns which I tucked into the bottle in order to follow the pattern.

4 - The largest stamp in front and the small for the back.

5 - I printed the text and also put inside in order to copy with black ZIG Painty FX

I love this, I have lots of Jars at home which I could put to good use using the Painty Markers

Thank you Cecilia, i'm sure lots of people will be doing this now. 

If you, our lovely readers would like to have a go at doing something similar to this then please visit our shop site here  and then why not send me your creations to, you never know you might see some of your work on here :) 

Speak soon, Becki x 

Monday, 15 July 2013


Monday is here and after a lovely weekend in the sun i'm sure most of us would have loved another day sat in the sun but knowing we had cake to look forward to made it 10X better.

Everyone meet Liz, Rachel and Charlotte... this was a tough bake off especially with the fact we had to pick two winners. 


Now you can see why it was so difficult to choose our two favourites. I didn't mind that I had to do that; I was more than happy to judge cake by eating it! 

Cake A baked by Liz was Chocolate Marble Cake. 

Cake B baked by Rach was Pop Cakes. 

Cake C baked by Charlotte was Vanilla Cupcakes with a a lemon frosting :)

They all tasted amazing, I could have devoured them all but I refrained myself from doing such a thing. 

It came to the voting part and apparently it was very close, i'm surprised the three of them didn't win because those cakes were so gooooooooood! 

I'm pleased to announce the winners and they are..... 

Liz and Charlotte. 

Congratulations both and best of luck in the semi finals. 

Someone make ice cream and bring us some, we're only in Redditch. PLEASE :) 

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Hi all, 

Hope your doing well this week. 

Design Team Member Steph Ackerman has sent me this cute stamped card which I 3wanted to share with you...

This is how Steph created this adorable mini card:

I found this amazing Stampendous stamp and knew right away she'd be perfect to use with my ZIG Markers.  

I created a  3 1/2" x 5" card from orange cardstock, then created and framed a die cut window in the front.  I added a second cream card (3 1/4" x 4 3/4")  onto which I stamped and colored my image.  Using ZIG Brushables, I colored this little lady with some fun colors - 

Root Beer Float
Pure Yellow
Baby Pink
Powder Blue
Spring Green

A touch of Kurecolor ink was added to her horns and hoofs, as well as around the edge of the card.  Then a Wink of Stella Clear pen made the butterfly shine.

Some twine tied along the left edge adds a little additional color and dimension to the card.

Thanks for stopping by today.

If you too would like to have a go with our Brushables, Kurecolours or Wink of Stella Glitter Pen, then take a look at our online shop here.

Thank you Steph. Speak to you all soon. 

Becki x

Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Yesterday the sun was shining and at 15:00 we 'judged' cakes by eating them! Its a tough job but someone has got to do it!

Personally this week was a tough one because both bakes were amazing. The whole office was won over by the look, the taste and the fact they were firm favourites by all of us. Cake A baked by Helen was a Lemon Cake and Cake B baked by Gráinne was Banoffee Pie.

As you can see both were fantastic and tasted even better. It was so difficult to pick a winning bake; it was very close. 

Who would you have picked? 

The Winner was.... 

Helen with her Lemon Cake . Congratulations Helen :)

We'll be back next week with the 5th and final Heat which will be baked by Rachel, Liz and Charlotte. YES three bakes to eat! Whooo hoooo! 

See you next week. 

Becki x