Thursday, 31 October 2013

Chills and Thrills...

Do you want to add a Halloween ornament to your spook filled table this Halloween? Check out this project sent to me by American Design Team Member Jamie Pope

Just a few more days until the fun spooktacular night that's filled with goblins, ghouls, and all sorts of creatures. Which leaves just enough time for one last project. And for this project I have an ornament, perfect for that last bit of decorating. So let's get going on how it was made.

I started with a small piece of glossy cardstock that was cut to fit between two pieces of glass.  I simply inked the cardstock with Orange ZIG Kurecolor Alcohol based Ink.  To create the splotches on the cardstock, I just flicked it with a couple drops of alcohol.

Next, using my ZIG Writer in Black, I stamped a skeleton and sentiment. 
Once the ink is completely dry, place one piece of glass under the cardstock, one piece of glass on top of the cardstock and then wrap the edges of your "sandwich" with foil tape.

To take away the shine of the foil tape, I used my ZIG Painty FX pen in Black. I just randomly painted the edges as I didn't want to fully cover the tape.

Next, I painted a metal frame with my Black ZIG Painty FX pen. Again, I wanted a thin coat of paint so the metal would slightly show through.

Once the paint was dry on the frame, I mounted the glass piece on top. Then I found a bauble in my stash that I inked with orange ZIG Kurecolor alcohol based Ink and attached to the metal frame. To hide the jump rings I used to attach the bauble, I added a die cut bat.

Lastly, I added a strip of ribbon so the ornament could be hung.

As an added note for all those attending parties and Trick or Treating, please be safe out there.


Thank you Jamie for this fab idea :) 

Quirky Halloween Idea... 
I love what Design Team Member Laurence Colling has sent me. Its in keeping with our Halloween theme but it is so quirky and different. 

Door hanger for Halloween
Material: door hanger, duct tape, ZIG Kurecolor refill ink (gray), ZIG 2 way glue, Kuretake post-it note, label, fabric, eyelets or other embellishments

Run the  duct tape through your embossing machine. Color it with ZIG Kurecolor refill ink and let it dry. When dried, you may wipe out to reveal the tape.

Layer all your elements: ZIG post-it note, duct tape, fabric, label.

Add your title. ZIG 2way glue is perfect to adhere small elements such as  your die cut alphabet.

Here is your door hanger ready for Halloween!

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Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Such a cute idea from Kirsten Stackhouse...

For a little autumn decor for my apartment, I went to the craft store and bought some thin wooden leaves (most craft stores have a variety of thin wooden shapes). I coloured the entire piece of wood with ZIG Art and Graphic Twin water colour markers, and chose to outline the edges with ZIG Kurecolor Fine and Brush markers. However, you can do any designs you would like with these! The markers are very vibrant on the wood! And they really stand out anywhere you put them!

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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Halloween Card

Canadian based Design Team Member Kirsten Stackhouse has sent me this lovely Halloween themed card for the month. 

Here is a write up from Kirsten... 

An easy, fun craft is always a card! But with a few extra steps you can really make yours stand out! You can go to any craft store to pick up thick paper with any variety of textures and patterns on them. Also get things like ribbon or stickers! Using a ruler, cut out different sizes of squares from different types of paper, then glue (use the ZIG two way glue) them together in any way you like. Just make sure that you have a nice white piece of paper in front - to draw and write on! I always sketch out my doodle, then ink it with the ZIG Writer pen. I then used some Kurecolor Twin alcohol markers to colour it in. As a final touch, I used the ZIG clear Wink of Stella glitter brush to add some accents to the edges - and voila! Happy Halloween!

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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Trick or Treat...

The lovely Cuchy Sanchez has sent me this Halloween themed project. Even though Halloween is growing in popularity in Spain, I think Cuchy has hit the nail on the head with this. What do you guys think? 

For my card, here you have the steps:

1. Trace a pumkpin image on an acetate sheet with ZIG Millennium black
2. Turn it down and paint it with Painty, Painty FX and Painty metallic (I used Yellow, clementine,clay and green) Don't mind if you paint over the black 
3. Turn it up again and cut it and place it behind a window card
4. For the leaf, paint it with Painty Metallic 
5. Add a layer of UTEE to form those water drops
6. Write your message with ZIG Millennium pen

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Friday, 25 October 2013

Something spooky...

The fantastic Jaine Drake never fails to impress and here is another project from here...

I've used for this project : 

1  Colour three bands of ink directly onto water colour paper using the ZIG Art and Graphic Twin Water Colour pens. 
2  Spray it with water and watched the colour spread. I helped it out a bit with a paint brush but on the whole just let it do it's thing.
3  Once that's dry use the dark orange ZIG Art and Graphic Twin Water Colour Pen to colour through a stencil in random spots.
4  Give this a light spray. I discovered that as there was so much colour on the stencil itself I used that to transfer the pattern to the background too.
5   Scribble the purple ZIG Art and Graphic Twin Water Colour Pen directly onto the stamp. If it dries on the stamp breath on it to re-activate the ink again.
6  Lastly pick up some purple ink with a wet paintbrush and flick it over the background. Cut out a tag shape.

To finish my tag off I used the same pens to colour directly onto the pumpkin face and used my ZIG two way glue pen to attach the die cut web and frame.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Moshi Moshi...

Design Team member Miria Molinari has sent me this gorgeous Japanese themed card... 

1- I watercoloured the stamp with Art & Graphic Twin water color pens and H2O brush

2- I then stamped the image again on Japanese patterned paper
3- I cut out just the shirt and adhered it to the coloured image 
4- I stippled around the image with Wink of Stella glitter pen in gold
5- I cut out and folded a strip of paper to make a sort of rosette
6- The  finished card

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Friday, 18 October 2013

For the newborn baby girl... 

Design Team Member Laurence Colling has created this adorable new born card with our fantastic ZIG products. Here is Laurence's step-by-step guide... 

1. Material you will need:
ZIG Clean Color Real Brush, ZIG Wink of Stella Glitter Pen, ZIG Journal and Title Pen, ZIG H2O Brush, Sellotape, masking tape, ribbon and embossed image.  

2. I used masking tape and adhere 4 strips on the front of my card. If it is too sticky, you may first adhere it on your cloth and then on your card to prevent tearing your card when you remove the tape.

3. Using the ZIG H2O brush you may paint between the strips of tape, or doodle with your ZIG pens. I used different shades of pink for a girly look including the ZIG Wink of Stella Glitter pen for a shining effect on my card.

4. When finished, remove the masking tape and add embellishments: ZIG post it note, ribbon and an embossed image.

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Have a great weekend guys and gals :) 

Anyone For Coffee

Good morning!  Coffee time I think!

Recently I was sent one of these fab fun stamps from Art Impressions.  Being a coffee lover this is just the perfect stamp!

The stamp isn't 'fussy' so it was easy to colour with the {Kurecolor markers}.  After stamping the image I coloured in the lady using Kurecolors ~ B1, 705, 731, 741, 769, 784, 828

Then I coloured in the coffee cup using Kurecolors ~ 208, 218, 423, 793

I repeated this a couple of times and then cut sections out so I could layer her up to give a 3D effect.  I then added her to my card base.

Time for coffee I think!!!

Feeling Spooky...

Fall...cooler weather, shorter days and Halloween. That one ghoulish day when we can all pretend to be any character we want. And let's not forget about the fun parties.  So I created a fun table decoration just for a Halloween party. So let's get started with how I made this project.

To start, I added a few glass beads to a Ziploc bag, then added in a few drops of Orange ZIG Kurecolor Ink. Then just shake the bag until all the beads are coated in ink.

Then, I simply dumped the beads out on my craft sheet to dry, which only takes a minute.

Next, I used a ZIG Painty FX pen in Black to paint the rim and bottom of a glass.  I used a small piece of decorative tape to mask off the stem of the glass, this way I had a clean paint line.  Once the paint was dry, I simply removed the tape.

To add a bit of contrast, I used a ZIG Painty pen in Iris.

Now on to the medallions.  I used my die cutting machine and steel die to make three medallions.  I used my ZIG Writer in Arctic White to add a bit of detail around the edges.  Then, I used my ZIG Writer in Black to outline the center portions.

Now to put it all together.  Start by adding the beads into the glass.  Next I die cut a couple of bats and used my ZIG 2 Way Glue pen to adhere them to the glass.

One medallion I stamped a short sentiment in the center and then simply laid at the bottom of the glass.

Next, I added straight pins to the back of two medallions. One of them I simply laid across the glass.  The next I stood up in the beads and also added a bit of ribbon.

A fun project to create and how cute would this be sitting amongst your other Halloween decorations?

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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Turning Orange This Halloween!

Hello Kuretake Fans

Today I would like to share with you a 'spooky' hat I made .....

These papers and embellishments from {Ruby Rock-It} are superb for Halloween crafts.  The embellishments are beautiful but just weren't the right colour.  So I used the Orange {Kurecolor pen} easily changed them to coordinate with the project. 

I simply coloured over the pearl coloured gem stones before adding it to the base of the hat.  I also coloured in the centre of the buckle.

{Kurecolor pens} are perfect for changing the colour of things that just don't match your paper!

Hope you have a great day and thanks for stopping by