Thursday, 30 October 2014

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween everyone, we have created a spooky pumpkin card to get you all in the spirit.

Products needed:
Kurecolor Fine & Brush:
Mid Yellow, Bright Yellow, Orange, Sand, Mid Green & Green.

 Sketch out your pumpkin design, then using a Bimoji XT1 outline and add detail - the pressure that you put onto the pen varies the weight of the line!

Using the XT4 Bimoji with a larger brush tip fill in the areas that need to be solid black. 

Using the Kurecolor Fine & Brush in the following colours: 
Mid Yellow, Bright Yellow, Orange & Sand
When using Alcohol Markers, it is important to layer the colours and choose complimentary colours. Above I have started with the highlights and used the lightest colour: Mid Yellow.

Then layering the Bright Yellow over this to create tonality.
Work over these areas especially on the edges with the Orange, the advantage of the alcohol markers is that you can layer colour onto the paper as much as you like.

Add the Sand colour to the creases of the pumpkin to add gradient and then work over with the orange to blend together. 
Then use the Bright yellow to layer over all of the pumpkin to help blend together.
Colour in the stalk using the Sand, Green & Mid Green pens. 
Your Pumpkin is now finished!

Tomorrow I will show you how to create the background and text for this card. 

Thanks for reading
Danielle x