Monday, 31 August 2015

Good Things Come To Those Who Bake by DT Member Bethany Grace

The Great British Bake Off has (finally!) arrived, which can only mean one thing…baking season has begun!  Who’s excited for a summer of ooh-ing and aah-ing at puffless pastries, soggy bottoms and pastry masterpieces?  Inspired by the BBC food sensation my family are attempting to replicate the technical challenges of the series (wish us luck!), so as a bit of motivational kitchen decor, I created this baking-themed frame!
Equipment used: 8” x 6” wooden frame (no glass needed!), black gesso primer, paintbrush, pencil, White Zig Posterman Pen, sandpaper, ‘Wild Rose’ WoodcraftMarker, ‘Moss Green’ Woodcraft Marker, Black Zig Posterman Pen.

How to do it:
I began by removing the back-board from a glass-less wooden frame.  I then scribbled a rough design on the board, before using a paintbrush to cover the board in a layer of black gesso primer.  This gave a pitch black, matte surface.
When the gesso had dried, I finalised my design by sketching with a fine pencil.  Using these lines as a guide, I then used a White Zig Posterman Pen to draw on my design, giving the impression of a chalkboard.
For the frame, I first sanded down the surface to remove the varnish, giving a rougher surface for my Woodcraft Markers to adhere to.  Brushing away the excess dust, I then coloured in the frame using the‘Wild Rose’ Woodcraft Marker.  I then used a ‘Moss Green’ Woodcraft marker to distress the edges.  I drew around the edges, then quickly brushed the paint inwards with a dry paintbrush.  As the Woodcraft Markers dry really quickly, you have to work really quickly for this technique.  To finish the frame, I drew some faux stitching around the inside edges using the Black Zig Posterman Pen.
So there you have it: some baking-inspired kitchen décor to get you into the spirit of bake-off season!  As always, I would love to hear from you all to know what you think of the project, and to see your interpretations and ideas – please do get in touch!  Happy creating everyone!