Friday, 25 September 2015

ZIG Cartoonist: Mangaka -Part 03- Mangaka Flexibles

Today's Inktober post will look into Japanese Fude Pens.

First we want to highlight our best selling Mangaka Flexibles.

ZIG Mangaka Flexible: These contain the same ink (water based pigment, smudge proof with alcohol marker and waterproof once dry) as Mangaka Fineliner, with the option of a flexible fibre brush tip; these markers make for rapid out-lining, creating a fluid variety of line weights - you can create thick and thin lines with ease.

A fine and a medium tip size is available in Black and Sepia.

Once in a Blue Moon by DT Member Gloria

Hi everyone! This is Glòria, the artist behind ColourYourDayHappy.

I want to share a piece I created inspired by the concept of SPACE:  a BLUE MOON. I always try to paint themes where the beautiful and bright colours in the Gansai Tambi Kuretakewatercolour set can shine!
This is project is really easy, you don’t have to be an excellent drawer or the perfect watercolour artist to do it.

·              Kuretake GansaiTambi
         Colours used: 61 Cornflower Blue, 64 Blue, 66 Menthol Violet and 67 Deep Blue
·               Kuretake BrusH2O
·               Kuretake Wink of Stella Silver andGold
·               A pencil, an eraser, a compass and watercolour paper

Use a compass to draw the moon and the letters.
First of all paint the surface of the moon with clean water, make sure you don’t go into the letters. To paint with water, I used a brush2water brush. These brushes are perfect for painting but in this case they proved to be the ideal tool to paint with clear water.
Start painting with the lighter blue shad: 61 Cornflower Blue. Paint without any order or pattern, trying to replicate the moon surface.
Secondly add the other two blues. Start with 64 Blue and finally add 66 Menthol Violet which is darker.
This is a watercolour technique with really nice results as it creates a really fascinating effect and texture.
This is how it works:
Sprinkle a little bit of table salt on damp watercolour paint. What happens is that each crystal of salt chases away the pigment to make a lighter area beneath it. 
Let it air dry completely. The fun of it is that you cannot predict the final result.
This is what happened to mine:
Use the darker shade of blue to paint the sky. That is 67 Deep Blue. Leave an irregular but very thin line between the moon and the ski to multiply its shining effect.
Using KuretakeWink of Stella in Silver paint the letters in the word moon.  Don’t you love the contrast!
Using KuretakeWink of Stella in Gold draw some stars and constellations.

 It’s a blue moon…… share the magic!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

ZIG Cartoonist: Mangaka -Part 02- Outlining

Today we are doing our second highlight of our ZIG Cartoonist Range.

As some of you may be aware, #Inktober is less than two weeks away, and we have prepared a series of posts to highlight some items that would be perfect for this art challenge.

Last time we highlighted the rendering markers in ZIG Mangaka - particularly the Light Blue and Gray for rendering.

In the above piece you can fainty see the blue that was used for rendering. Overtracing the line with blue will make it visible, but you can edit out with a brightness change.

The other colours in ZIG Mangaka are Black, Violet and Sepia. These pens also come packaged in our handy Manga Starter Sets: 2 Mangakas with 10 Kurecolor Markers (pictured below).

Violet (01, 02, 05) is perfect when colouring with colder colours

Sepia (01, 02, 05) is popular for a more vintage and steampunk approach.

For the above piece was inked with Sepia Mangakas. Once dried the piece was coloured in using traditional Gansai Tambi watercolours, using a BrusH20.

Black which has the most variety in tips (003, 005, 01, 02, 03, 05, 08).

For the above piece, our new ultra fine Mangaka 003 was used for the fine details around the eye. Once the marker is dried (approx twenty minutes), we coloured using Clean Color Real Brush - using a darker colour on the tips of the hair - we then pulled the red out with a lighter yellow to give a three diminsional effect. Mangaka is waterproof once dry.

Remember you are limited just to creating Manga with these pens! They are perfect for graphical studies also.

Next post we we will look at some of our Fude Pens!

Monday, 21 September 2015

Vera Peneda - Baking with Love

Hey everyone!!!

Today I bring you a quick and easy tutorial on a different format than the one I usually do.
So, as usual, I started by sketching my work, and give it somewhat of cleaner lines to later ink:

 Then I started inking the thinner lines with the Mangaka 01

Then I go for medium lines with the Mangaka 03

And for the “Baking with love” I inked with the Mangaka Flexible Medium:

Once the ink has fully dried I erase the pencil lines so I can start coloring:

So I applied the base colors with the following Kurecolor Fine & Brushes: 201 Pink Haze; 221 Light Pink; 423 Vanilla; 422 Cream Yellow; 225 Pink; 705 Brown

Then using some darker shades and blending them with the base colors I used: 262 Pale Rose (blend with Pink Haze) 769 Deep Brown (blend with Brown)

229 Dark Pink & 665 Deep Pink (blend over the Pink and Pink Haze), 730 Oatmeal (blend over Vanilla and Cream Yellow)

For touch ups where I went over the lines, and for the dots and hightlights I used my white Posterman Pen.

And that’s the final result you guys!!! Hope you enjoyed and good luck!

DT member Jo's Favorite Space with ZIG Clean Color Real Brush

Kuretake UK’s theme for September is “Space”.  Immediately dark skies, the moon, stars, planets spring to mind and I have made a project along these lines but then I needed something else and I thought of my favourite space – our caravan and the outdoors !

We have a caravan and I’m always itching to get out in it for trips away ! 
To make this card I firstly taped a piece of watercolour card to a piece of board using masking tape.  This stops the watercolour card from warping.
Next I painted the watercolour card with water and then painted the sky.  I colour on an acrylic block first of all and then add more water.  This gives a less intense colour and I find you can control your painting a little more using this method especially for large blocks of colour !!
I used the same technique for the grass
I then stamped the images onto a piece of watercolour card
I cut out the images ready for printing.  As I wanted a 3D look to this card I also stamped and cut out extra pieces of the caravan.
I then painted all the pieces.  This time I coloured the images with the pens and then blended out with the watercolour brush and kept going back adding more for depth of colour.
I die cut a cloud, added pale gray colouring and then stamped the sentiment.
I assembled the card raising pieces with foam tape and adding the extra pieces to the caravan. 
Here is my completed card !
I hope I have inspired you to think of your favourite “space” !

Thank’s for popping by !

Monday, 14 September 2015

ZIG Cartoonist: Mangaka -Part 01- Rendering

Hello fellow creatives,

Today we are doing a special highlight of our ZIG Cartoonist Range. 

As some of you may be aware, #Inktober is getting closer and closer, and we have prepared a series of posts to highlight some items that would be perfect for this art challenge.

ZIG Cartoonist was introduced to our range back in 2012, and contains a selection of high quality tools used by comic artists and professional mangakas alike! This year we also have some new additions to this range. First of all let's start with some of our outliners.


ZIG Mangaka 003
Above is the complete range; five colours are available in a selection of seven tip sizes. New to this range is our super fine 003 and 005 markers, and a 03 marker - all available in black. 

ZIG Mangaka: (‘mangaka’ is Japanese for comic artist). These markers are a highly versatile set of pigment fineliners. Water-based pigment ink allows for a waterproof finish, that is also smudge proof with alcohol markers once given time to dry. Japanese nibs allow for a smooth and consistent line weight - so you get an even line every time with this marker.

These pens are recommended for laying out grids and panels, or general outlining. If users find dip-pens difficult to use, then these are a great alternative. Our finest marker is 003 which is perfect for those fine areas such as lines of the eye, and hair details. I'd recommend drying time of twenty minutes, on good quality paper stock, for optimum results.


5 colours are available in this range: Light Blue (01 size only) is perfect for rendering artwork. The ink is invisible to scanner, photocopier and camera light (same as the animation blue line technique). Light Gray (01 & 02) imitates a pencil grey line and is perfect for greyscale line-work. 

This marker is only available in 01. The ink is invisible to scanner and photocopier light (it is also quite difficult to photograph - I have taken serveral lower exposures to show you how the ink shows in different lightings). So the idea behind this pen is that you use it for rendering.

You can layout your drawing first, then colour with your medium of choice (I used Clean Color Real Brush) and then refine you lines with a darker marker.

Gray is a little darker than Light Blue, and is great for grayscale work or as a rendering tool;
Gray is available in size 01 & 02.

So above I used Gray as a rendering tool, coloured with Clean Color Real Brush, then added Violet Mangaka to finish the portrait off. 

Light Blue and Gray come in a set of 5 01 Mangaka markers along side Violet, Sepia and Black.

In the next post I will cover the Black, Violet and Sepia colours in Mangaka!