Friday, 13 May 2016

How to do brush lettering

Hi Everyone,

Can you hear wedding bells?

Make a stunning statement and learn how to master the art of brush lettering to personalise your own wedding card and much more!  

To help guide you, print the brush lettering guide below to follow the lines or a normal A4 lined paper. 

(click on the picture below and save it to be able to print it)

Your guide should be composed of ascender line, waistline, baseline and descender line.

Step 1: To start, you can train doing thick and thin lines as below, for a more natural hand controlled and pressure.

Step Two: Then you can move on to the letters. Before using your pen onto your piece, you want to lift up the pencil lines so that they can act as a light guide for you, but you will not require heavy force once the ink is in place.
This is only an example of letters that can be made, there is a variety of different layouts/styles! You can feel free to use your own style or handwriting!

Step Three: Take a deep breath and do your lettering with your pen ink using your very light pencil lines as a guide.
You can use a Brush Writter, a flexible fibre tip brush ZIG Fudebyiori, ZIG Wink of Stella / Wink of Luna, ZIG H2O Waterbrush with Gansai Tambi or also ZIG Calligraphy Pens… There are many alternative to do brush lettering.

Write quickly, without thinking about it too much. The point of modern brush lettering like this is spontaneity!

Step Four: Once you are finished writing, allow your ink to dry, then erase your guidelines.

You can now impress your guests with your home made wedding cards!