Wednesday, 26 October 2016

DIY Christmas card using Clean Color Real Brush

Get creative this Christmas with our Clean Color Real Brush pens!
You will need:
  • a card
  • a seasonal stamp and ink
  • Clean Color Real Brush Pens (marine green, pale green, wine red and red)
  • Embossing pen (Scroll and Brush)
  • 2-way glue (or any glue of your choice)
  • Gold embossing powder (and a heat gun for this stage)
For added effect you can also use our Wink of Stella pen (in clear).
Apply the seasonal stamp on the card so it is ready to colour.

To begin colouring you can use two ZIG Clean Color Real Brush pens (we used Marine green and Pale Green) and gently place nib-to-nib for a few seconds.
As you use the brush you will see the colours blend nicely. After using the blended pen, make sure to clean excess ink off onto a piece of scrap paper or towel.
For the berries you can use a different technique by adding the darkest colour (we used Wine Red) first then blending with a lighter colour (we suggest Red).
Additionally, take a ceramic or plastic dish and brush a colour straight on to the dish. Taking another colour (preferably a lighter one) dip into the colour on the dish and apply to the stamp.
You can also use our Wink of Stella (we used clear) to add a little sparkle to the berries.
On a separate piece of card you can make a simple border using our embossing pen then add gold embossing powder and heat.
Additionally, with the brush side of the embossing pen you can add lettering to personalise your card, then add powder and heat.
Once the designs are done we then mounted the cards. Here we have used the 2- way glue which will appear blue when wet and gives a permanent bond.
And there you have it!
A simple yet effective way to create your own Christmas cards for someone special this year.